XipLink Acquisition of Sevis Systems Backhaul Assets –
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is XipLink acquiring the cellular backhaul assets of Sevis Systems?

XipLink has made significant strides as a market player for cellular base station optimization over satellite over the last few years. One key driver was to enlarge our market share in this segment to become a comprehensive single source provider of optimization to the mobile network operator (MNO). A second major driver is the ability to add a 2G solution to our products for legacy E1/T1 interfaces and where a-bis signaling is required. Thus, we now have technical solutions for 2G (E1/T1), 2.5G (packet), 3G and 4G. Lastly, after growing more than 40% the last two years, XipLink is thrilled to add three more employees to our company in order to execute properly in this market.

Will the 6000 or 7000 series cost us any more money after the acquisition?

No, for a period of 6 months there will be no changes to the prices previously charged. After six months, both products will be subject to our annual price review process. In addition, for a broader feature set, the 7000 will be optionally upgradeable to full XipOS for a fee by the end of February 2019.

Where do I call for support?

For a period of 90 days you can call the traditional Sevis technical support and email access. As an alternative, you can
call XipLink technical support at +1 514-848-9640 and select option 4 for support or email support@xiplink.com.

Will the 6000 series continue to be supported?

Yes, all 6000 series warranties will be honored, paid support will be acted on and ad-hoc support will be provided for a fee.

Will the 7000 series continue to be supported?

Yes, all 7000 series warranties will be honored, paid support will be acted on and ad-hoc support will be provided for a fee. The current 7000 software will be frozen at the current level and bug fixes provided if required. Lastly, for customers that want additional features like IPv6, byte caching, advanced routing features and several other enhancements, an optional upgrade to XipOS-5.12 will be provided.

We have a feature request into Sevis. Will XipLink honor the request?

XipLink has received the outstanding “JIRA” list and any known bugs will be fixed. Enhancements will be considered on an individual basis.

There is a sales opportunity in my area. Who do I call at this point?

For Asia accounts please call or email Tim Peyla at +1 (480) 964-2595 and tpeyla@xiplink.com.
For Europe and Africa accounts please call Jose Ramon Calvo at +34 658 982 422 and jcalvo@xiplink.com.
For Middle East and North African (MENA) accounts call Jack Waters at +1 610-299-4711 and jwaters@xiplink.com.
For Central/South America/Caribbean accounts call Edson Meira at +55 (11) 98287-1515 and emeira@xiplink.com.
For North America, call Larry Jones at +1 (704) 336-9725 and ljones@xiplink.com.