Rockstar Programmer

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Equivalent

Experience in UNIX based systems, such as Linux or *BSD and should have at least 3 to 7 years of experience in similar or adjacent roles. Programming exposure and C, C++ and python, whichever tool is the best for the job. Detailed exposure to networks and network programming a plus.

Technical capabilities

  • Strong comfort with either C or C++, and/or Python.
  • Hand’s on experience with multithreading and concurrency issues.
  • Must have good knowledge of IP, UDP and TCP network protocols, as well as routing protocols.
  • Experience with Unix (FreeBSD or Linux) operating systems, Python scripting.
  • Experience with code versionning software (Git, SVN, etc).


  • Design and develop software!
  • Provide engineering level and high quality customer support for specialized embedded deployment both directly to the customers, or to the XipLink support team.
  • Assisting in documentation and information sharing procedures within the XipLink team. 
  • Assist in porting and optimization of XipLink software to other operating systems.
  • Assist in the porting of XipLink software to other hardware platforms.
  • Contributing ideas for how to further enhance the XipLink product line and be prepared to adapt to new requirements and resulting tasks and responsibilities. 

Location: Plateau district, Montréal, QC. Great office view overlooking the mountain! Parking nearby may available for the right candidates.

Benefits and bonus package available.

4200 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 1010, Montréal, Quebec H2W 2R2