Introducing XipOS Version 3.0

XipOS Version 3.0 Generally Available

XipLink is pleased to announce the general availability of XipLink Optimization System (XipOS) version 3.0. This new version offers a lot of new exciting capabilities. Here’s a rundown.

Dynamic Web User Interface

The new UI provides a wizard install, much easier advanced configuration, and a dashboard. The new user interface uses advanced dynamic web technologies, creating an efficient, interactive means to do complex configurations easily. A Quick Config wizard (as shown on the right) for quickly completing simple installations is also new, walking you through the steps of setting up the device in the network and the link characteristics for optimization.

Quick Config Install Wizard

Shape Up your Network with Class Based Queuing

The new class-based queuing allows easy prioritization of IP flows and deployment flexibility to shape up the network and take control. It permits the configuration of committed data rates, maximum data rates, relative priorities and more. The advanced multilayer shaping also integrates a firewall and selective acceleration and incorporates DSCP-based criteria. The new UI permits graphical visualization of the QoS. Unlike loss-based traffic shapers, this class based queuing integrates directly with XipLink’s advanced TCP acceleration capabilities.

Qos ConfigurationCombined TCP Acceleration QoS Configuration

Integrated IPSec Option

A new product option for secure end to end VPN solution, including the possibility to deploy right into the enterprise edge. AES256, 128, 3DES encryption are supported. Split tunneling or hub-breakout of the VPN is supported as well. The VPN can be enabled with a software key.

VPN Configuration

Lightweight Tunnels

XipLink Lightweight Tunnels eases the deployment of XipOS systems when they may not be in the network path, thus greatly enhancing deployment flexibility, while minimizing overhead. It’s also the most efficient mechanism to get around NAT traversal issues.

Centralized Management

Instead of connecting to each device individually, users can now manage and monitor from a single interface, and the network management handles the device details in the background. This allows configuration of multiple appliances from the same user interface.


Remote Management Interface

The remote configuration interface enables our partners to integrate XipLink directly into their network systems and solutions. This permits network-based reconfiguration using the Netconf standard and XML-based configuration. This is a more robust interface than SNMP, although SNMP is also supported for monitoring. Ideal for integrating with generalized NMS that also supports the access network.

NMS Netconf

Core OS Upgrade

As part of a major update to XipOS, the new system is more processor efficient and provides an advanced platform for our great new features in the development pipeline. As well, these new 3.0 features are either already or will soon be available for software-based XE deployments.

XA-30K Product Release

The XA-30K is a new product unique to our 3.0 release and beyond. This product offers unparalleled scalability through a single device. Accelerates up to 150Mbps and 30,000 simultaneous TCP connections.


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