XipLink Named to “Top 10 WAN Optimization Solutions 2016” by Enterprise Networking Magazine

December 1, 2016 Montréal, QC– Data communications technologies veteran, Jack Waters, CEO of XipLink, points out that today’s satellite and wireless networks are facing network capacity and reliability constraints due to rapid increase in voice, video, and data traffic. The challenges faced by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are three fold—lack of available bandwidth, fragmented frequency allocations and relative high cost for satellite bandwidth. Additionally, the need for always on connectivity demands challenging connections on-the-move such as mobile military, aviation broadband and maritime vessels. Enabling these stressed environments with optimized bandwidth capacity while providing improved user experience is XipLink, a Quebec, Canada-based WAN optimization company providing communications connectivity solutions for satellite, terrestrial wireless and hybrid networks. “We enable wireless CSPs and ISPs to save costs or increase capacity at very low capital cost while extending the value of existing infrastructure, thus generating increasing revenue through incremental system capacity expansion,” claims Waters.

There are several internally developed algorithms in the company’s XipOS software suite. For instance, Link Balancing and Bonding (LBB), aggregates up to eight WAN links for more bandwidth while simultaneously providing traffic optimization techniques such as header/payload compression, web/byte caching and internet enhancements to drastically exceed the aggregated baseline bandwidth. Increasingly, these techniques are used in “hybrid” networking environments with various combinations of satellite, wireless and wireline communications to improve uptime and capacity. In addition, XipLink Hub Optimizations (XHO) solution reduces the amount of internet traffic over a communications link while simplifying operational deployment. XHO features transparently intercept web pages and optimize the content to conserve bandwidth.

Another key technology is the XipLink Real Time (XRT) feature set that uniquely compresses, coalesces and prioritizes VoIP, UDP and other IP based protocols, in addition to standard TCP optimization, to deliver significantly more bandwidth and packet efficiency without compromising quality.

In most cases, the XRT features increase packet per second processing capabilities for wireless routers by a factor of 10x to 50x while also providing 25 percent to 50 percent bandwidth savings on small packet traffic.

XipLink’s roots are in the freeBSD open source community with particular expertise in the Space Communication Protocols Standard (SCPS) that focuses on TCP acceleration techniques. By utilizing SCPS, a single gateway can handle multiple vendor devices while delivering the highest WAN utilization capacity for TCP traffic without using tunnels. XipLink then adds various WAN optimization techniques required in wireless and stressed environments to deliver an entire solution of XA appliances, XV virtualized software and XO options. “For instance, air passengers can browse websites seamlessly and typically 30 percent faster as XipLink solutions orchestrate connections via ground-based optimization appliances and in the sky with XipLink Virtual embedded on aviation-based routers,” depicts Waters.

Xiplink is a recognized leader in the satellite and wireless space with particular success in military, maritime, aviation and CSP infrastructure vertical markets. Within the CSP infrastructure space the company has demonstrated very high success with cell backhaul solutions, ISP “municipal” backhaul for voice/video/data to remote communities and bandwidth efficiency via the aforementioned XHO package. XipLink is sold through wireless service providers, wireless integrators and telco equipment manufacturers with large customers such as Gogo Communications, Honeywell, L3, iDirect Technologies, Telenor and many international partners around the world.

Going forward, the company’s market strategy is to leverage their considerable success with satellite networks and “edge out” into related wireless or hybrid markets as the suite of wireless link optimization features continues to evolve.

About XipLink, Inc.
XipLink is the technology leader in wireless optimization using standards based SCPS protocol acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet optimizations to deliver the maximum capacity over stressed wireless communication links. XipLink is a privately owned company with Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and Sales and Marketing offices in Washington, DC. For more information visit www.xiplink.com or email xiplink@xiplink.com