UI Developer

Job description: Front End UI Developer

XipLink is seeking to hire a Front End UI Developer with intermediate to senior experience in web technologies. The ideal candidate has both designed and implemented a web user interface involving complex forms and extensive interaction with middleware. Experience with, or exposure to, a Network Management System (NMS) is an asset, as is a good understanding of TCP/IP networking.

The role will involve:

  • Leading the design and implementation of the web UI widgets, forms and pages that customers use to configure features in XipLink products.
  • Extending and re-factoring the web UI to accommodate new and evolving product features.
  • Devising the best user experiences to help XipLink customers work with and understand our products.
  • Working closely with the rest of the product development team to ensure that the web UI interacts smoothly with product middleware and backend systems.
  • Working with the Product Management team to understand new features, and devising UI prototypes.
  • Working with the Customer Support team to diagnose (and fix!) UI bugs.
  • Assisting with the documentation of the user interface.
  • Contributing ideas for how to further enhance the XipLink product line.
  • Adapting to new requirements and the resulting tasks and responsibilities.

XipLink has been widely regarded as having the best user interfaces among it's competitors. We set the bar high!

Ideal background

  • Extensive experience with jQuery and jQuery-UI, or other JavaScript frameworks.
  • Proven expertise with HTML5 and CSS.
  • Experience in user-interface design and/or graphic design.
  • Experience with Flask/Jinja, or another web templating system.
  • Experience with Web Sockets.
  • Proficient with Python.
  • Experience with a Network Management System is an asset.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP networking is an asset.
  • Familiarity with Unix systems (FreeBSD or Linux) is an asset.
  • A bachelor's degree, or higher.

Location: Plateau district, Montréal, QC. Great office view overlooking the mountain! Parking nearby may available for the right candidates.

Benefits and bonus package available.

email hr@xiplink.com
4200 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 1010, Montréal, Quebec H2W 2R2